Airware – Network Installation




  1. Install Airware on Server and User Machine(s)


This is a necessary step for each machine so that all drivers are installed properly on.


Follow installation instructions found at



  1. Map Network Drive


If you have not already done so, associate a drive letter with your target network drive.


Please contact your network administrator if you have problems with this step.



  1. Delete Icons and Create New Shortcut


This step allows all users to run Airware straight off of the server, using the same .exe file.


Delete the Airware Icons that were created upon installation from the user machine desktop and create a new shortcut to the Airware program (aw2005.exe) on the server.


As an example, your new Airware shortcut may be pointing to:


F:\Program Files\Magnolia Software\Airware\aw2005.exe


Where “F” is the drive letter you created in step #3.


Perform this step for each machine (except the server).



  1. Add users to Airware


Please refer to the “Running Airware” help document found at          

and refer to the section “Users” for detailed information about this step.